Amy was sitting in a college dining hall, on a college visit.  Brian, with one year remaining in the military, was walking the streets of Cambridge England.

Amy, do you want to start a coffee business with me?


I think I laughed because I was sixteen and my brother who lived across the pond was proposing a business.


The conception of Colebrew occurred in the late summer of 2016. The idea was based on coupling connection and coffee by having people in communities blog on words, and these words be stickered to coffee cups. After 4 months the blog was set, however there was still no definite place to sell, and no target market; seemingly Colebrew was at a stand still.

Amy and a friend were driving to Bible study and talking about Colebrew. They began dreaming how it would be so cool to have a coffee shop in their high school Broad Run. The dream was to set up a corner in a classroom and have tables and rugs where people could enjoy coffee and each other.

PEER, a student council class, was constantly addressing the idea of a student lounge as a way for students to decompress from stress. The theater director at the school offered up his room during some lunches to be a place for students to come and lounge. Amy had a coffee business.

How could the dream of a coffee shop in school tie the three together?

Brian was able to console the 501c3 foundation on how the model of selling coffee in schools and giving to the community, all while sharing life giving words, could fit a non-profit model. After clear, concise, and persistent communication about the vision, it was determined a 20-minute phone call with a subject matter expert would be the final decider on being able to incorporate as a non-profit. 17 minutes into the call there had been no progress until the idea was presented to simply enable high school students to entrepreneur a coffee shop in their school to provide opportunities with the revenue.

ColeBrew became an entrepreneur ambassador program that allows students to become eligible for an end-of-year scholarship based off revenue accrued from coffee sales in a student lounge. The entrepreneur ambassadors have the option to defer the scholarship and use the coffee shop income to fund a law enforcement officer to be present in their school or another that is in need. Tips go to an approved local charity and life-giving words are shared with communal perspective.

November 10th, 2017, one year and three months since Colebrew’s conception, opening day for the Broad Run student lounge arrived. The “B” (name of the student lounge) was open during the lunch block of school, which is seventh period, for two hours. When the bell rang and seventh block began, the helpers showed and the lounge was fully operational. The day flew by with improv performances, excited students eager to see the lounge, and many thirsty costumers.

One of the students commented, “I have never felt more relaxed and happy to be at Broad Run than in the B student lounge.” That made it all worth it. Amy was hoping and praying for was an atmosphere where students would be safe to have fun and be a community… and a community is exactly what happened. God has blessed this and has taught Amy what it looks like to honor Him through work.

Greater things have yet to come


Amy Cole

Amy Cole


Brian Cole

Brian Cole

President of the Board
Entrepreneur, Kaplan University Online

David Cole

Treasurer & Secretary
Math Major, University of Alabama

Brittany Hopmayer

Brittany Hopmayer

Board Member/Sales Representative
University of Alabama

Jose Soto

Board Member
Enterprise Account Executive, Universidad De Costa Rica

Brittany Dunay

Brittany Dunay

Board Member
Crossfit Senior Trainer, James Madison University.

Andrew Curtis

Andrew Curtis

Board Member
Entrepreneur, George Mason University (GMU)

Mark Hannibal

Board Member
Business Analyst, James Madison University.


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